Oh, the Joys of Omegle

20 Jun
You: Will you marry me?
Stranger: hi im a girl 🙂
Stranger: yes
You: Finally!
You: You, you must be the love of my life!
Stranger: okay? ha
You: Let’s go to parks and sit on the bench
You: And trace out shapes from clouds
You: We’ll be that sickenly cute couple in movies 😀
Stranger: you sound like the perfect guy…why arent there more of you around here?
You: Guy? I thought we were lesbian lovers!
Stranger: wha?
You: I’m a girl! I thought you knew!
Stranger: well no, u never said
You: Oh, my bad
You: So, can we be lesbian lovers?
Stranger: we can be friends!
You: 😦
Stranger: sorry :.
You: But you told me you would marry me…
You have disconnected.

How to Spell Definitely

6 Nov

PEOPLE. I have a huge announcement to make. Definitely is NOT spelled:

  • Definetly
  • Definately
  • Definatly
  • Any other spelling you can think of
  • And it is certainly not defiantly.

Think about it. Defiantly is actually a word, but what is the root? The root is defiant. What does defiant mean? Let’s take a look…


characterized by defiance; boldly resistant or challenging
ex. a defiant attitude.

Now, I’m sure when you say “I’ll definitely be there!” that you don’t mean “I’ll defiantly be there!” Yeah, they don’t quite have the same meaning.

So, how do you spell definitely? Don’t give me any of that “I’m a bad speller” crap because quite frankly, I don’t care. I too am not that great at spelling, but if I can remember it, you can too!
Anyway, how do you spell definitely? Think of it this way…

What does definitely mean?


clearly defined or determined; not vague or general; fixed; precise; exact

What’s another word you see in definite? That’s right finite. What does finite mean?


having bounds or limits; not infinite; measurable.

Don’t they have similar definitions?

So, all you really have to remember is to remember how to spell finite! (I’m sure you can do that to all the people claiming to be bad spellers) So remember, when trying to spell definitely remember these few steps:

1. Start with the word “finite.”
2. Add a de- before “finite.” What is the result? Definite.
3. Now add a ly at the end of the definite! What do you have? Definitely.
Also, note that when an ly at end, it makes it an adverb. Just a side note…

Isn’t it much easier to spell it that way instead of trying to remember “the e goes before the ly, not between…” Well, I think it is.

Now, you can spell definitely whenever you want without having to use spell check or the dictionary at all!

Although, if you’re ever having too much trouble, you can always refer back to this website:

Someone even created a website about it.

Anyway, why do I write about this out of all the subjects to write about? I mean, I could write about the Chilean miners that were rescued! I could write about the new planet that was discovered that could support life! Why in the world do I choose to write about the spelling definitely?

I was reading Sparknotes blogs one day and there was a picture that said, “She definitely won’t be there!” (Long story) There were a TON of comments saying, “Definitely is spelled wrong you retards!” Actually no, YOU’RE a retard. I mean, I don’t label you as a retard when you just don’t know how to spell the word, but when you start parading around saying your wrong spelling is right, labeling must be done.

Now, go and enjoy your new found knowledge! And perhaps educate someone on how to spell definitely. 😉

Hello World!

13 Oct

I thought you guys would appreciate my lovely face.

Why, hello world! Today’s my first time on wordpress and I’m liking it so far. 🙂

Also, just to clear up a few questions: Yes, I did steal the title from the first post from wordpress for lack of a better title. And no…I feel like in statements like these there’s a system that goes like, “Yes, I did this and no, I did not do this,” to make it sound all cool and stuff. Wow, I just did a great job of killing the little bit of coolness that maybe, possibly existed there…

Anyway, if you’ve ever read any of my blogs before (which I’m assuming you didn’t), you would know that I used a LOT of smileys when typing. Sometimes, there would be a smiley at the end of every sentence because I just feel the need to express my emotion so strongly through a smiley. But, I will try to limit my smileys to two or less smileys per post.

But, I’m also assuming (haha, you know what ASSUMING does) you’re not going to read this post because

1. Before I try to add anyone I find interesting, I try to write a few more posts to show them a real bit of my personality.

2. No one ever reads the first post of a blog. Well, I don’t. Do you? Maybe there’s this blog-reading tradition where you must read the first post before you read anything else. If there is, I must be out of the loop…

3. Because you’re not. I just know you’re not going to.

BUT, if you do happen to read this post, well, I’ve gotta give you props! I always skip the first post because I know it’s either going to be an intro (like this one) or a blogger in the crappiest of their days. You must actually read the first post! Wow, you know, I should just end the blog post right here, I just realized how off topic I am. Anyway, goodbye and no, not all my posts will be this lame. (HA, so I DID manage to include it!)